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Warranty and Care Instructions


In addition to the guarantees provided under the Australian Consumer Law, Alder Tapware offer warranties as follows:-

Alder Tapware products — taps, outlets, mixers, and accessories:

  • 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • 5 year replacement warranty on ceramic disc cartridges

Vito Bertoni products — taps, outlets, mixers, showers and accessories:

  • 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • 10 year replacement warranty on ceramic disc cartridges

Alder Tapware reserves the right to either repair or replace products or parts which are defective through faulty materials or workmanship, within the stated warranty period. The warranty period commences from date of purchase or date of handover for new buildings subject to conditions listed below.

This warranty may become void due to the following:-

  • Inability to provide proof of purchase
  • Products not installed by a licensed plumber
  • Products not installed in accordance with installation instructions
  • Products exposed to pressures that exceed 500 kPa and or temperatures that exceed 75oC within a building ñ Refer AS/NZS 3500.1:2003 (Clause 3.34)
  • Damage to ceramic disc cartridges from foreign matter e.g. sand, dirt, stones, thread tape, pieces of copper or plastic tubing etc.
  • Inadequate flushing of system prior to usage, causing damage and/or obstructions to the product
  • Damage to product surface due to installation (including adhesives and sealants) or post-installation
  • Failure to install flow regulators and check valves from outlets including showers, sink and vegie mixers
  • Products not used for its intended purpose
  • Products fitted with other devices to the outlet e.g. water filters
  • Failure to observe care and cleaning instructions, including failure to regularly clean aerator inserts in taps and or shower heads
  • All warranty work is limited to the pre-approved scope of work. Any additional work requires authorisation from our Customer Service.


The recommended maximum water supply pressure for Alder Tapware showers is 500kPa.

Alder Tapware Showers may not be suitable for use with gravity-fed heated water systems, some instantaneous heated water systems and/or low pressure supply less than 150kPa. Please seek advice from a plumber if your shower situation falls within the above parameters.

Consequential Loss / Damage

To the extent permitted by law, Alder Tapware will not be liable for any loss or damage to furniture, floor coverings, walls, fixtures or any consequential damage or costs of any kind caused by any defect in the product or components. Adequate access is required to undertake warranty repairs on products. Alder Tapware will not be liable for any consequential damage or costs where products do not have adequate accessibility.


Warranty claims must be supplied with your contact details, Proof of Purchase, and/or handover documentation (new buildings) to the customer service contact details below. Where a product has not been installed, the product can be returned with proof of purchase, to the place of purchase. Associated expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser. Where a warranty claim is made and attended by an Alder Tapware authorised Service Agent, and that in the opinion of the Service Agent or Alder Tapware, the problem was from faulty installation or from some other cause other than a manufacturing defect, Alder Tapware reserves the right to charge a service fee for the attending service agent.

Alder Tapware reserves the right to supply minor parts as REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLY and includes and is not limited to: - shower handsets and shower heads, soap dishes on rail, shower rail brackets, vegie mixer handset, shower hoses, aerator and aerator filters, tap handles, buttons and flanges. Alder Tapware recommends installation of replacement parts by a licensed plumber.

"Our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure."

Product Care and Cleaning Instructions

Materials used in our products comply with Australian Standards and Water Efficiency Labelling Standard (WELS) requirements.

To preserve appearance of your product and ensure years of satisfactory service, we recommend the following care:-

  • Clean regularly with warm diluted soapy solution and a dry soft, clean cloth.
  • Apply liberal quantities of clear petroleum jelly to all surfaces. Wipe off with dry tissue to achieve long lasting shine
  • Abrasive, acid, alkaline and harsh detergents are not recommended as this will damage exterior finish of the product
  • Cleaning of aerator insert to be performed regularly to eliminate any water borne debris
  • Silicone rubber nozzles on the shower heads and hand pieces require periodical cleaning to prevent calcium build up and blockage. Firmly rub the nozzles with wet cloth every couple of months to break up the calcification
  • Removal of installed flow regulators in showers, tapware and mixers will void warranty
  • Mineral deposits in tap water may cause shower hoses to discolour over time, resulting in appearance of brown stains. These brown stains are not rust. These stains can be removed by soaking the shower hose in 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water overnight.
  • Slight colour variances can occur as a result of unavoidable process variations

This is a summary of the Alder Tapware warranty for all installed products and some additional terms and conditions may apply.
Alder Tapware reserves the right to alter or amend this warranty at any time.