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Vito Bertoni

Wall Showers

Alder Tapware Aquazzone Bathroom Collection includes an ergonomically engineered stylish and water efficient range of Wall Showers combining modern sophistication and superior technology to deliver an enhanced showering and water-efficient experience

AQUAZZONE WALL SHOWER Collection complete with ergonomically engineered shower brackets  and heavy duty stainless double interlocking metal shower hose delivers a luxurious shower experience to the “target point” with a strong dedication to water efficiency.
Alder Tapware is intensely focused on the design and innovation of the showerhead and spray patterns that allows an ideal spray coverage and luscious shower delivery whilst still complying with all Australian Watermark and WELS (Water Efficiency) regulations.
Several contemporary styled handsets complement the Aquazzone Wall Showers offering single to multiple spray functions, delivering an impressive and indulgent spray that is gentle to touch, resulting in blissful shower experience.  Shower handsets have soft rub silicone nozzles designed to give an excellent spray pattern and water efficiency
Aquazzone Wall Shower features
•    Practical and stylish Wall Showers offering an enhanced and water-efficient shower
•    Ergonomically engineered shower brackets delivers luxurious shower experiences to the target point
•    Self - lubricating internal cup washers give ‘velvet’ smooth movement
•    ‘Secret’ locking O-rings prevent retaining nuts from unscrewing
•    Removable handset allows easy cleaning of shower recess
•    Ultra bright, durable polished chrome finish
•    Heavy duty stainless ‘double interlocking’ metal shower hose
•    Several handset shower options available
•    Perfectly engineered shower spray patterns
•    Australian Watermark Licence and WELS (Water Efficiency) 3 Star accreditation